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Our Adventures

Storytelling for your inner Nerd


The Astronomy Tower

When Haven accepts the position as the new caretaker of an ancient villa in Italy, she soon discovers its fascinating history: the famous scientist Galileo Galilei once used the tower to study the stars. Now she must unravel the clues and solve the mystery of what Galileo found in the tower before Haven's past catches up with her.  Step into a world of intrigue, romance and mystery in this adventure. You will explore a strange museum, join in a village festival, get lost in a mysterious garden and even pull off a heist in order to reveal the secrets of The Astronomy Tower.


You Will Receive

  • A welcome letter with instructions and a secret message tracking sheet. 

  • 13 Curious envelopes every two weeks for six months

  • Clue envelopes with a sealed answer sheet in case you get stuck. 

  • Gorgeous hand made art for you to keep the wonder alive.

  • A little romance, a little mystery, a little adventure


What's Inside?

Each Envelope is an actual work of art filled with journals, letters, postcards, diagrams, maps, or other strange objects. You can read the story and if you are willing to go deeper, interact with the objects to reveal a secret message in each chapter. 

The Lost Queen

Coming in 2024

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