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Experiences for unique and curious people. 

Adventure by mail

Savour the experience of a six month storytelling adventure filled with travel and mystery through letters, maps, drawings and other strange artefacts.

What you Get

  • A welcome letter with instructions and a secret message tracking sheet

  • 13 curious envelopes: one every two weeks for six months

  • Clue envelopes and sealed answer sheet in case you get stuck

  • A strange tower, a museum heist, a little alchemy and a little adventure 

  • Enchanting artwork you can hang on your wall

The Astronomy Tower 

product photo 3.JPG

Who Would Like This?

Book nerds, history nerds, museum and travel nerds, puzzle nerds, Anyone who really would rather be  like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones but has to have a job instead. 

Three Ways to Purchase

tuscany stars crop.jpg

One Time Prepaid Payment and save 15% 

$179 CDN

Approx $128 USD

Prepaid customers  can also opt to receive the first three chapters in a bundle. Please indicate in comment box at check out. Mailings last for six months. 

blue bottle.jpg

Chapters 1-3 Bundle

$39 CDN/ month for 5 months

Approx $28 USD

The first three chapters are delivered in a bundle either for you to wrap as a gift under the tree, or can be delivered straight to recipient. 

* Even though the payments lasts for five months, the subscription lasts  for six. 


Regular Subscription

$33 CDN / Month for six months 

Approx $24 USD

Regular subscription Lasts six months with one envelope delivered every two weeks for six months. 

What Others are Saying

Jessica C. 

Nova Scotia

I thought that it was creatively designed and the act of opening envelopes and chapters was exciting! My favourite puzzle was the one that included the journal. It gave more insight into the main character.

Angela D. 


Loved all the attention to detail, of the story, the characterization too was exceptional. I felt I was right there w/ the MC, unraveling the puzzles w/her. The artwork was gorgeous! Hard to pick one puzzle. All the puzzles were so detailed and created so well. I found myself intrigued the whole way.

Donna H. 

Nova Scotia

I really loved them all. The first one was best as it set the scene for the following chapters. I was pleased that there were twists and turns and you had to pay attention.

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