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  • What is your shipping and return policy?
    Your first letter (or three letter bundle) will ship within 1-3 business days. The following letters will be shipped on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Regular subscriptions can be cancelled any time. Prepaid subscriptions can receive a full refund any time up until the third envelope. Between the third envelope and the sixth envelope, you may receive a 50% of the prepaid amount, and between the sixth and the 13th envelope you may receive 25% of the amount.
  • What do I get?
    Each envelope in the serious contains something different, but each in some form or another continues the story. You may have a map, a letter, and a ticket stub in one envelope, the next may be a postcard, a journal, a reply, and a strange object. Each envelope has some type of hand drawn art included and a black clue envelope which contains both some clues and a sealed piece of paper with the final answer. In the mailing you will also receive a welcome letter with some instructions and a secret message tracker.
  • How difficult are the puzzles and clues?
    Some puzzles are easier than other puzzles, and some puzzles one person will find an absolute breeze, but could completely stump another person. I believe solving a puzzle is the most satisfying experience, and I want you to have that experience, so the puzzles are set to be challenging enough, but also be solvable. If you need help, open the black clue envelope, and read the first clue. Each numbered clue will get progressively more specific. But don't open the sealed answer unless you are ready.
  • Who are these Adventures for? Are they for kids or adults?
    While there is nothing in any of the puzzles that would not be appropriate for a child, the puzzles and storylines are designed for adults, but would also work for middle grade or teenagers to experience, especially students who love to read, or are interested in history and strange facts. The characters in the stories are adults and there is sometimes light/clean romance in the stories. There are adventures for children in the works, maybe next year, but the won't be our focus for now.
  • When will there be more adventures?
    We have more adventures planned for 2024. The first one will be The Lost Queen, set in Morocco, and will be an archeological adventure like Indiana Jones or Tombraider. That will be available in the spring. There are other adventures planned set in Greece and Peru as well as a three month light fantasy adventure set in the autumn woods. I will give you more updates when I have them.
  • Who would like this kind of thing?
    Anybody would like these, but particularly people who love adventures, but can't really go out on their own adventures right now because they have kids or other responsibilities. Other people who would love this would be anyone who loves books and reading, people who love puzzles and escape rooms, and nerdy people like me who love anything strange, historical, cultural and weird facts.
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