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Me in Chefchaouen, Morocco

And then Escape Rooms came to Canada , and then I could actually BE Lara Croft, I mean besides in a video game. So then I became obsessed and started figuring out how to make one myself, including all the props and clues and puzzles. I found it so absorbing. And then I had the idea, why not bring all my writing, my art, and my illustration into a whole story that you could experience yourself, as if you the mysterious happenings were actually happening to you.  I could send  it out into the world through envelopes. Getting something adventurous and strange in the mail, on those days when our lives are so completely normal, I wanted to make that happen. And here we are. 


I'm Tia Mushka I'm an artist, writer, and illustrator who loves to go on adventures. I have taken a stone carving workshop in Italy, bicycled through Morocco, and explored castles in Wales. I like to see mystery and wonder all around me. I remember being in Venice and noticing several carved golden suns hanging on various old buildings in the city and thinking what if there was some strange and hidden tale going on there.  I guess I just really wanted to be Lara Croft and find something mysterious around each corner.  Honestly, I am  just a big nerd who loves weird histories and obscure facts.  

Some of the first escape room props I built. 
Some of my artwork..
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