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Adventure by Mail

Experience a storytelling adventure of travel and mystery through letters, maps, drawings and other strange artefacts. Interact with physical objects in each chapter to find and solve an evolving mystery that is sent every two weeks to to your home.

Remember when you were the intrepid and curious one?

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Our adventures are made for you, not your kids.

These adventures are meant to be enjoyed  by you, on your own. A secret little getaway time for your inner nerdy self. 

Give yourself something to look forward to.

Twelve envelopes filled with story and clues mailed to you over six months. Sometimes the anticipation is the best part!

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Let yourself escape for awhile.

Bite sized puzzles which are not  overwhelming or over complicated, just a half hour of fun. You only need to figure out one secret message per chapter. 

Beautifully designed and illustrated. Discover mysterious details meant to astonish and delight. 
Thrilling stories. Fall in love with the characters, culture, history and far away  locations.

How It Works


1. Choose and Adventure

Yes, you get to do it, you get to choose your own adventure and travel the world inside an envelope. Each adventure is six months long, and you get a new chapter every two weeks. Cancel your subscription whenever you like. 


2. Await curious envelopes

Tear open that thing and see what's inside. It could be letters to a stranger tucked into a map of an unusual museum. Whatever it is, it will tell a story, and you get to be Lara Croft or Nancy Drew for the next  half  hour! 


3. Experience the story and solve a mystery.

Read, discover and interact. There is just something so satisfying about uncovering a secret message hiding in a mysterious journal. You won't be able to wait for the next one to arrive. (But you have to!) 

Our Adventures

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